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Time Blocking To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

time blocking to reduce stress and anxiety

March 31, 2024


Feeling stress and anxiety because of the multitude of tasks on our plates is a common experience. Personally, I recently returned from a trip to Disneyland where I neglected my usual time blocking routine, and the repercussions were palpable. The mounting laundry, attending to the dog, planning and preparing dinner, organizing class treats, managing schedules, and attending to spills on the floor all seemed to compound.

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Time Blocking To Lighten Your Mental Load

Today, we’re diving into the art of maximizing your time blocks for ultimate efficiency. Get ready to soak up some invaluable insights! Utilizing time blocks isn’t just about organizing your schedule; it’s a powerful tool for lightening your mental load and nurturing your mental well-being.

In my approach, employing five distinct time blocks throughout the day is key. I’ve encountered numerous individuals who rely solely on time stamps, mistaking them for effective time blocking. But let me be clear: time stamps merely masquerade as true time blocking, serving as nothing more than glorified to-do lists crammed into your Google Calendar. This approach can trigger a cycle of stress, releasing a cascade of cortisol that only adds to your anxiety.

Let’s face it, we haven’t been taught how to properly manage these incessant to-do lists. For me, clinging to that never-ending list induces overwhelming stress. This creates a constant feeling of being overwhelmed and perpetually on edge. It steals precious moments of joy and detracts from my ability to fully engage with my children.

Five Time Blocks To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Enter my five time blocks. By segmenting my day into distinct blocks of time, I’m able to hone in on what truly needs my attention in the present moment. When I’m immersed in a particular time block, my focus is solely dedicated to that allotted task. This intentional approach not only minimizes distractions but also cultivates a profound sense of joy and fulfillment. When my brain perceives a manageable workload, it allows me to fully embrace the present moment.

Stress and anxiety originate from our thought patterns. They’re a result of what we permit our minds to focus on. When we approach our day with a mindset that fosters joy and positivity, we can reduce stress and anxiety. By consciously shifting our thoughts, we can alleviate these burdens. Our brains are constantly active, but without guidance, reducing stress becomes difficult. Now that you’re aware, consider focusing on these 5 time blocks as a starting point.

Time Blocking To Enhance Productivity

Limiting yourself to just 5 time blocks can significantly enhance your productivity. When you’re feeling scattered and unfocused, your mind tends to wander, making it difficult to accomplish tasks effectively. Instead of relying on a cumbersome checklist or rigid schedule, time blocking provides clarity on where to direct your attention. No more pondering over what to do during nap time or after the kids are asleep. No more aimless scrolling on your phone, wasting precious time and perpetuating the cycle of stress and anxiety.

One of the most common pieces of feedback I receive revolves around the struggle with ADHD-like symptoms, a scattered mind, and a lack of focus. Everything feels disjointed, and tasks remain unfinished. But with my morning time block, I wake up knowing exactly what needs to be done. This clarity eliminates the mental hurdle of figuring out where to start. With a few adjustments to optimize routine stacks within these blocks, productivity soars.

Structure Is Not Confining

Contrary to what you might think, this structure isn’t confining; it’s liberating. By streamlining tasks into just 5 time blocks, you free yourself from the burden of “should haves” and “could haves,” breaking the cycle of anxiety. We don’t need that constant turmoil. By restructuring your approach to fit within these time blocks, you’ll experience a remarkable reduction in stress and anxiety.

Time Blocking For Predictability And Less Stress

One of the most compelling aspects of time blocking, in my opinion, is the predictability it offers. Consistency plays a crucial role in alleviating stress and extreme anxiety for many individuals, whether it’s our children or those in the neurodivergent community. The absence of consistency often breeds feelings of unease and overwhelm. While it’s natural to experience seasons of unpredictability, it’s within our power to establish solid routines and patterns in our lives.

Mastering effective time blocking is akin to unlocking a simple yet profound tool for slowing down life’s frenetic pace. It provides clarity and structure, offering a clear roadmap for what to expect each day. With this predictability, you gain the capacity to handle unexpected challenges with grace, rather than feeling like your entire day is a series of curveballs. The constant firefighting inherent in an unpredictable schedule can be anxiety-inducing. Just the thought of it gives me the shivers.

Consistency Is Key

Consistency is key. Week after week, day after day, month after month, embracing the structure of these five specific time blocks lays the foundation for something truly magical. As you settle into this rhythm, you’ll notice a remarkable slowing down of life’s frantic pace. Suddenly, it feels like there’s less on your plate, and you’re able to move through your tasks with a newfound sense of confidence and clarity.

These feelings are the antithesis of stress and anxiety. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by an endless to-do list, you’ll experience a sense of calm assurance. It’s like taking a deep breath and feeling the spaciousness of breathing room. When you can handle work deadlines, attend to your responsibilities, and ensure your children are cared for without feeling frazzled, that’s when you know you’ve achieved a sense of balance.

Of course, life with kids is inherently unpredictable, and that’s okay. While we can’t expect 100% consistency, we can strive to create solid seasons of stability amidst the inevitable fluctuations.

“As you dive into my five-block time blocking approach, life’s rush diminishes, which reduces stress and anxiety.”

Learn EVERYTHING Time Blocking At Chelsijo.co

For further exploration of time blocking, delve into the Chelsijo.co podcast vault. You can access every episode I’ve ever recorded on this topic by searching for “time blocking” within the spreadsheet. A corresponding sister episode, 5 Simple Tips To Help You Start Time Blocking as a Work From Home Mom, awaits you HERE.

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I’m genuinely excited to hear about your experience with this method! Tell us about your progress in the facebook group. My aim is to equip you with three invaluable insights that demonstrate how time blocking can significantly alleviate stress and anxiety.

time blocking to reduce stress and anxiety

Frequently Asked Questions

I am so stressed and anxious about my busy schedule as a wfhm. Where should I start?

Good news mama, you came to the right place! The Systemize Your Life Podcast has lots of amazing episodes on time blocking. In addition to the episodes listed above, check out Episode 117: Tired of Feeling Pulled In All Directions? Try My Fail Proof Time Blocking System For Beginners or Episode 105: Everything You Need To Know About Successful Time Management In 10 Minutes

If you want to hang out with like minded mama’s, come join us in our Facebook group, where you can connect with other mama’s, ask questions and get help as you embark on your journey of time blocking.

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time blocking to reduce stress and anxiety
time blocking to reduce stress and anxiety

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