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Mastering Social Media Content: 5 Effortless Strategies For Consistent Content


March 27, 2024

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I am obsessed with efficiency and efficacy. It’s crucial that something is both efficient and effective, not just in business but also at home. Even if you’re not currently running a business, you’re definitely investing your time outside of your home and kids in some capacity. And if you’re not, you likely aspire to. I’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t. Whether it’s involvement with her church, her children’s school, or volunteering, every woman is contributing to something beyond her home. There is significant and urgent need for both efficiency and efficacy in every aspect of our lives.

I have some excellent content on business organization; specifically, how to organize your work block effectively. I often discuss organizing and systemizing every block of my five blocks approach, but I realize I’ve somewhat overlooked the specifics of the work block. No longer will that be the case. I’m committed to providing you with all the necessary tools and insights to ensure you have a balanced and systematic approach to all five blocks in your life.

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5 Time-Saving Strategies For Crafting Consistent Social Media Content

Today, we’re zeroing in on five time-saving strategies to consistently create social media content for your business. Because, let’s face the truth, the hours we claim to spend on our phones for “work-related social media” activities are often exaggerated, and deep down, we all know it. The reality is that much of the time we report as dedicated to work on our phones is not entirely truthful. I feel strongly about this issue.

I surrounded myself with other business owners and moms who share the same sentiment about not wanting to be tethered to their phones constantly. Early on, I realized that being at the mercy of my phone wasn’t going to work for me, so I decided it was crucial to establish a system. I knew I had to find a solution.

There are some people who choose not to use social media at all, and that’s perfectly okay. For me, taking breaks or having seasons away from social media is an essential part of my strategy to keep potential addiction in check. It’s important to acknowledge that social media platforms are designed with addiction in mind. This isn’t a secret; it’s the reality of how these platforms operate. They are engineered to capture and hold our attention, as well as that of our children. This is how they generate revenue. Being conscious of this fact is crucial. If you haven’t heard me discuss this topic on my show before, we’re addressing it now: social media’s aim is to addict its users, and we must be vigilant about it.

Mastering Social Media: Systemizing Your Presence For Balance And Consistency

Despite the challenges presented by social media, I was determined to establish a system that would provide the necessary guardrails for me to engage on these platforms on my terms—deciding when, where, how, and why I wanted to show up. This became a pivotal aspect of my life and a significant way I conduct my business. While my podcast and blog are the primary outlets for my content, social media remains a vital space where I invest a lot of my time. Initially, navigating social media was incredibly challenging. I struggled to maintain consistency, constantly questioning what to say, what to post, and which images to use. The amount of time it consumed was overwhelming and frankly, quite stressful.

Moreover, I aimed for consistency in my social media presence. This goal, however, often made me feel enslaved by the need to maintain this consistency, causing it to dominate my schedule. Consequently, my work block would get completely disrupted, forcing me to attempt other tasks during times I should be spending with my kids, something I desperately wanted to avoid. This imbalance can lead to behavioral issues, affecting both us and our children.

So, let’s dive into the heart of the matter because you’re about to receive not just a dose of inspiration but also a push towards taking action. Get ready with a pen and paper because we’re about to delve into some systems training. These are your five time-savers designed to help you achieve consistency in your social media efforts.

Crafting A Planning Schedule For Your Social Media Content

Number one is establishing a planning schedule. The initial step to saving time is to designate specific days and times that align with your lifestyle and solidify them. For example, you could decide that Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are for posting business-related content, while Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are reserved for sharing content related to home life. The specifics can vary, but the principle remains the same. I’ve collaborated with countless business owners to organize their content through a content calendar, and one thing is clear: having a fixed planning schedule is imperative.

Focusing On Your Purpose Of Your Social Media Content

The second method to ensure you’re saving time involves focusing on purpose. On your paper, jot down ‘purpose’. To significantly reduce the time you spend, you need a clear framework for your posts within the scheduling plan we discussed. Consider the intent behind each post. Ask yourself, why are you sharing a picture of your children, your shoes, or your water bottle? What’s the reason behind these actions? If you find yourself showing up on social media merely out of a sense of obligation, it’s important to realize that this isn’t necessary for growth. Understanding the ‘why’ behind your posts is crucial.

One of my favorite tools is the mind map framework I create using MindMeister. This allows me to meticulously plan out the purpose of my content as well as the days for posting. By doing this, I eliminate the need to constantly think about what content to post next. It effectively gives me a blueprint for the week, ensuring that each piece of content is aligned with my goals and purpose, without requiring daily deliberation. This strategy streamlines my workflow and saves a considerable amount of time.

“Understanding the ‘why’ behind your posts is crucial.”

Creating An Idea Bank Of Your Social Media Content

The third time-saving strategy is maintaining an idea bank. It’s essential because inspiration can strike at any moment. When ideas emerge, it’s crucial to capture them effectively. These ideas need a designated place for storage, one that allows easy access whenever necessary. Whether you prefer to organize them in a mind map, a workflow diagram, or a spreadsheet, the key is to choose a method that suits your needs. I generally advise against relying solely on the Notes app for this purpose. The goal is to have a structured, accessible system for your ideas, ensuring they’re always ready for you when it’s time to plan and post your content.

Simplifying Social Media Content With Strategic Image And Video Selection

The fourth time-saving tip involves planning your images and videos in advance. Continuously creating video content, carousels, posts, and reels, not to mention editing them to ensure they look appealing, is an enormous task. Despite the pressure to constantly produce this kind of content, the reality is that not everyone has the time for such demands. Yet, the pressure exists, and it’s something we all feel. To alleviate this, it’s beneficial to explore various options that allow you to efficiently manage your content. The goal is to approach your posting schedule with clarity, knowing exactly which image or video you’re going to use. This foresight can significantly reduce the time and stress involved in content creation.

Regardless of your choices—be it the type of content you decide to post, or the specific images and videos you select—the key is understanding how to maintain consistency with it. The monotony and indecision surrounding what to post, when to post it, and which pictures or videos to use are what significantly slow us down. Allow me to share the strategies I’ve implemented to overcome these challenges.

How Elevae Visuals Transformed My Social Media Strategy

I’ve found a fantastic resource in a stock image company called Elevae Visuals. It’s truly remarkable and has made a significant difference in how I manage content creation. The world of stock photography is vast, with a myriad of options to choose from. It’s important to find one that resonates with you and meets your needs. 

What makes Elevae Visuals stand out for me is not just the quality of the images but also the inclusion of B-roll footage, which provides a wealth of options for various uses. I’ve come to rely on it for more than just social media content; it’s integral to all my graphics and marketing materials across the board. Investing in a reliable source for high-quality images and videos has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, significantly enhancing the efficiency and consistency of my content creation process.

DIY to Professional: Streamlining Content Creation with Lightroom Presets

Before I could invest in stock photography like Elevae Visuals, I had a hands-on approach to creating content. Every three months, I’d set aside time to select various items to photograph, capturing images that I could later edit and use. For editing, I relied on a convenient and accessible tool, the Lightroom app, which is available for free. The key to streamlining my editing process, however, was purchasing presets. These are essentially professional filters you can apply to your photos with just a click, dramatically simplifying the editing process.

You can find these presets in many places online; a quick search can lead you to platforms like Etsy, among others, offering a wide variety of styles. My personal choice was a light and airy theme, which matched the aesthetic I was aiming for. I went with presets from a company specifically offering this style, named Light and Airy (L&A photo presets). But the beauty of presets is the vast range of options available, allowing anyone to find something that suits their preference and enhances their photos’ look.

This approach was a game-changer for me, making it much easier to feel confident about the images I used. It addressed the significant time drain I experienced when trying to ensure my photos met my standards for social media and marketing purposes.

The Final Piece: How Getting Organized Completes Your Social Media Content Strategy

When you implement these four strategies, you’re on the verge of a breakthrough. It sets the stage perfectly, but there’s one more piece to the puzzle that truly revolutionizes the entire process. The fifth time saver is what ties everything together, adding the final touch that will transform your approach for good. It’s about getting organized. You might be thinking, “Of course, she was going to say that!” But it’s true. 

Organizing isn’t just about keeping things neat; it’s about strategically arranging your tasks, ideas, content, and schedules in a way that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness. This foundational step enhances everything else, ensuring that your efforts in planning, purpose definition, idea banking, and content preparation seamlessly work together. By getting organized, you’re not just tidying up; you’re setting yourself up for sustained success, making your social media management a streamlined, less time-consuming task. This is the game changer that wraps everything up neatly, forever altering your approach to content creation.

The Power Of An All-in-One Content Calendar For Every Platform

You need to have an all-in-one content calendar. This content calendar is one of my four core workflows that you’ll gain access to when you join Systemize Your Business. For those who haven’t checked it out yet, I strongly recommend visiting. There, I’ve shared videos that offer glimpses into each of these workflows, showcasing what you’ll receive as part of the program. It’s truly remarkable.

The content calendar is designed to be intuitive and ready for immediate use. You can input your entire schedule, including what you plan to say and the images you intend to use. Moreover, it conveniently integrates your idea bank directly within the workflow. This tool is designed to revolutionize how you approach content planning, making the process seamless and organized.

Now that I’ve centralized all my content in one place, I’ve gone beyond just organizing my social media content. It’s not merely about what’s being posted on Instagram but encompasses every channel—Instagram Stories, reels, posts—as well as my blog and podcast. This system is incredibly versatile, designed not only for my use but for anyone looking to implement these strategies.

The five time-savers are applicable across all content creation efforts. Whether it’s maintaining consistency in your blog, podcast, or any social media platform, a comprehensive content calendar is indispensable. It requires having a schedule, an idea bank, and a plan for your images and videos. This approach isn’t limited to just social media; it’s a holistic strategy that enhances the production and management of all types of content.

Transforming Content Chaos Into Marketing Mastery: The Power Of Organization

If you incorporate this approach into your life, it will fundamentally transform how you manage and present your content. I often encounter people who lament, “I’m terrible at marketing myself.” However, organization is my forte.

Whenever I attend business conferences, mastermind meetups, or any professional gatherings, I proudly stand out as the enthusiastic operations nerd among the crowd. I thrive on administrative tasks. Despite not usually being recognized as a strategic marketing genius or thinker, my strength lies in the meticulous organization and systemization of content, which, in itself, is a powerful marketing tool. This method can make a significant difference for anyone struggling with content creation and personal marketing.

The truth is, I was extremely fortunate to reach my current position, and it was all thanks to my systems. These systems are what you need to effectively market your content, whether it’s for yourself or someone else. If you’re assisting your spouse, your children (provided they’re of appropriate age), your church, your child’s school as part of the PTO, or a nonprofit organization—understanding how to systemize and organize is crucial. This is how the world operates today. To achieve the success you desire and ensure your efforts are impactful, it’s essential to have everything organized. Your time is incredibly valuable, and with the right systems in place, you can make sure that the time you spend showing up for any endeavor is not wasted.

Unlocking Your Business Potential

I encourage you to explore what implementing this content calendar could do for your business. Imagine the impact of having such a tool at your disposal, not to mention the other three incredible core workflows that come along with it when you join Systemize Your Biz. I’m genuinely excited for you to discover the benefits for yourself and to start applying these strategies. Don’t hesitate to check out how these resources can transform the way you work. I can’t wait for you to dive in and get started.

As you start this journey, I’m excited to hear your experiences and insights. Share them within our vibrant Facebook community or come over and visit me on Instagram. And remember that we would LOVE to see you inside of Systemize Your Life as a VIP student!

Until next time….


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