Get More Done In Less Time In Your Work Blocks

How to get more done in less time

May 19, 2024

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I love nothing more than to get the more done in less time. My work blocks are short. I had to schedule them in, I cannot waste them! Seriously, this excites me so much! There’s always a way to enhance productivity during your work blocks, and I’m here to share some tips to help you achieve that.

I love maximizing my work blocks to get as much done as possible. Monday through Friday, I dive into my work blocks with the goal of finishing efficiently. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my work—I truly do. I just can’t stand wasting time. As a busy, work-from-home mom, every minute is precious. An hour, or even two or four, can fly by in an instant.

Achieve More In Less Time

Here are some hacks to help you accomplish more in less time. While there are countless suggestions online, task management software is essential. I’ve tried many, but MeisterTask stands out as the best by far.

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Make Progress In Your Business And Create Time For Your Family

This isn’t just about productivity. When you sit down for your work block, you can either make significant progress or create more time for your family. Sometimes I want to maximize my work time, and other times I’m eager to spend more time with my family. It varies. I also want time for running and CrossFit. That’s the beauty of running your own business—the flexibility. Balancing everything can be challenging, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to manage work and home life on your own terms, despite the challenges.

Three Hacks To Get More Done In Less Time And Grow Your Business

Here are some simple yet powerful hacks to help you achieve more. These tips will be game-changers.

“Time blocking is designed to help you make significant progress and maintain intense focus for a solid period. It allows you to fully immerse yourself in your tasks without distractions. To achieve this, you need to clearly define your work block as dedicated work time and commit to working exclusively during those hours.”

Get More Done In Less Time Hack #1: Define Clear Work Blocks

What does that mean? In my experience with many people, most don’t actually have dedicated work blocks—they have what are more like “life blocks.” Even if you think you have a work block, it often spills over into your personal time. The most crucial and easiest hack is to determine how many hours you need to work each week, then identify and block off those hours. It’s not about scheduling specific tasks like “social media content creation” during these times. Don’t follow that advice; it’s not true time blocking, just a glorified schedule. The key is to have well-defined work blocks free from interruptions, ensuring a clear boundary between work and home life.

In my opinion, time blocking is designed to help you make significant progress and maintain intense focus for a solid period. It allows you to fully immerse yourself in your tasks without distractions. To achieve this, you need to clearly define your work block as dedicated work time and commit to working exclusively during those hours.

Where Does The Time Go?

I was recently called out on this while shopping for tech and phones for my soon-to-be teenager. When I opened my screen time app, my 12-year-old was shocked by how much time I spend on Voxer, both for work and socializing with friends. This made me realize the importance of having clearly defined work blocks. I totally understand the struggle of balancing work and personal time.

When you establish clearly defined work blocks, you’ll achieve laser-focused productivity because you eliminate distractions. It’s similar to a “normal job” where you put your phone away and focus solely on work. Once you’re done, you leave work behind when you come home. Approaching your work blocks with this level of focus will lead to significant improvements and make a remarkable difference.

Get More Done In Less Time Hack #2: Define Clear Work Blocks

Once you organize your tasks, everything changes. When you sit down to work, you’ll know exactly how much time you have (see tip #1) and have a clear, organized list of tasks. This approach saves a tremendous amount of time and helps you move in the right direction. If you often feel unsure about what to focus on, I highly recommend checking out Systemize Your Biz. It can truly transform your life. Currently, there’s a buy one, get one free offer for Systemize Your Life and Systemize Your Biz, but I’m not sure how long it will last.

To organize your tasks effectively, start by grouping all your business to-dos by day of the week. Determine what you need to accomplish on each specific day—Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Some tasks might need to be repeated on multiple days, such as Tuesday and Thursday or Monday and Wednesday. This approach is similar to how teachers plan their schedules, but it’s also essential for other professionals. When you’re working for yourself, this method becomes even more crucial. If you’re in a corporate job with many expectations, responsibilities, and deadlines, this strategy can help you stay on track. First, group your tasks by day of the week, and then by week of the month.

Planning Your Tasks By Weeks In The Month

In general, there are typically four weeks in every month, providing a reliable framework. It’s essential to identify tasks that don’t require weekly attention but are crucial on a monthly basis. By scheduling these 5-10 monthly tasks, you prevent them from being overlooked or rushed due to time constraints. This proactive approach ensures steady business growth.

Here’s the beauty of organizing your tasks in this manner: it starts with simplicity but becomes increasingly refined as your operations expand. Eventually, tasks will be themed out, such as meetings, meeting prep, event prep, and so forth. This approach eliminates the need to jump from task to task, promoting efficiency. It’s akin to how you might approach house cleaning—tackling one room at a time or focusing solely on bathrooms. By having all your bathroom-cleaning supplies at hand, you minimize wasted time. Moreover, scheduling dedicated time for these tasks follows the same principle.

Get More Done In Less Time Hack #3: Use Timers

This is the game-changer—in just thirty seconds, everything shifts. As I’m recording this podcast on the backend, my timer is ticking down. I have thirty minutes. I hit start on the timer for my task card labeled “record podcast.” It turns the task into a game. With the timer running, there’s no room for time wasted. You don’t want to see your timer hit 45 minutes for a task that only takes 25. You can use a stopwatch or your cellphone timer for this too. I urge you to apply this method to your household tasks as well. It not only motivates you but also your kids. Plus, it keeps your mind from wandering endlessly and reminds you of the true value of your time.

This systematic approach isn’t limited to just one area of your life—it’s a fundamental aspect of effective management. It’s about intentionally organizing and streamlining responsibilities across the board. And hey, this isn’t just a one-time deal; it’s a lifelong practice.

So, here’s to embracing solid management practices and intentionally navigating the complexities of life. This is why you’re here reading this! We’re all striving for that next level of excellence that we know we’re capable of reaching

Social Media Time Suck

When you’re on social media, 30 minutes can slip away in the blink of an eye. Platforms like TikTok or Instagram can create a strange time warp, leaving you unaware of how much time has passed. Yet, in just 30 minutes, you can accomplish an impressive amount—both in your work and at home. With this brief window, you can check off 4-5 items from your to-do list. Experiencing this productivity boost firsthand will empower you to crush your tasks. You might not initially label it as “fun,” but you’ll undoubtedly recognize its positive impact as it delivers results.

Systems Will Enable You To Make The Most Of Your Time

By incorporating time blocks or work blocks, organizing your tasks based on the day and week, and implementing timers, you’ll witness a remarkable transformation in your work blocks. These are not just productivity techniques; they’re life-changing systems that will revolutionize not only your business but also your home life.

I genuinely hope to welcome you inside Systemize Your Biz, where we can solidify these hacks and tailor them to your specific needs. Let’s unlock the full potential of these strategies together.

Continuing The Conversation

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If you’re looking for more ways to get more done in less time, check out Efficient Business Strategies For Work-From-Home Moms: Productivity Hacks And Success Frameworks, Mastering Your Work Block With 4 Fail-Proof Tactics and Boost Your Business Productivity: My Top 5 Business Tools To Help You Get More Done. Enjoy crushing those work blocks! Cheers to your business success!

Get more done in less time

Frequently Asked Questions

How can timers enhance productivity?

Timers create a sense of urgency and help you stay focused on the task at hand. By setting a timer for each task or work block, you can maximize your productivity and accomplish more in less time. Consider joining Systemize Your Biz for further guidance and support in optimizing your productivity and task management!

Get more done in less time
Get more done in less time

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