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Mompreneur? The Top Traits You Need To Run A Successful Business

mompreneur success

June 17, 2024


I am a mompreneur, someone who wants to succeed in business and show up for my family. I’ve had the privilege of meeting and coaching countless other incredible moms and mompreneurs. Through these experiences, I’ve keenly observed what truly challenges them and what propels them forward year after year. It may surprise you—it’s often not what you’d expect.

The Traits You Must Exude To Make It As A Mompreneur

If you’re looking to boost your income with your MLM, thinking about starting a new business, or wanting to elevate your side hustle, then my 4D method is perfect for you. This is for you, the mompreneur that wants to be present for her family and make her time at work count. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a few years in and ready to take your success to the next level, this approach will resonate with you. Developed from my personal values and refined over the past six years, this method has been a cornerstone of my success and can be for yours too.

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Don’t Be A Statistic

This will set you apart from so many others who eventually give up. You might have heard the statistic that most small businesses fail. According to the internet, common reasons include running out of money, targeting the wrong market, lack of research, poor partnerships, ineffective marketing, and not being a true industry expert. But today, we’re not focusing on any of those things.

Foundationally, I don’t believe those are the real reasons people give up. Let me share a few more statistics with you—not to discourage, but to encourage you to stay with me through this entire episode so you don’t become just another statistic. You’ve invested time, energy, and money because you want to succeed. According to some other data online, about 70% of businesses with employees will survive their second year. However, 70% of businesses fail before their 10th year of operation. Those numbers can be tough to hear, but that’s exactly why this episode is so important.

Three Must-Do’s To Be A Successful Mompreneur

I love a good challenge, and even more than that, I love a solid system. That’s exactly what we’re diving into today. Here’s how it’s going to work: I’ll share the three essential must-haves and must-dos for your business, and then I’ll reveal one crucial must-avoid that you need to steer clear of at all costs. This combination is your formula for success. Each of these tips starts with the letter “D.” Let’s get started!

“Embrace the challenges and let them fuel your determination. Stay determined, keep pushing forward, and know that you are capable of so much more than you realize.”

Successful Mompreneur Tip #1: Discipline

The first thing you absolutely must be is disciplined. What does this mean? Discipline is the art of showing up repeatedly, even when you don’t feel like it. Think about being disciplined in working out, doing your dishes, or handling your laundry. It’s more than just those tasks—there are other areas where you are disciplined, even if you don’t realize it.

If you struggle with discipline, don’t worry. We’re going to dig deep and show you how a few strategic systems can help you become unbelievably disciplined. This is about putting one foot in front of the other and relying on systems to whip yourself into shape. Whether you think you’re super disciplined or not at all, that’s okay. Systems will provide the structure you need.

Discipline is why systems help people with ADHD so much—they often feel like they lack discipline, but it’s really the systems they need. Without discipline—without showing up over and over again—you will be unsuccessful. Consistency is vital for success. It doesn’t matter if things are going well or not; you have to show up time and time again, no matter what thoughts are swirling in your head.

Successful Mompreneur Tip #2: Dedication

This is about showing up again and again, even when it feels like everything is working against you. Dedication is different from discipline because it’s driven by your passion and desire to succeed, even when you feel like you’re swimming upstream.

Think about why you’re doing this—why you’re working so hard to make money and take care of your family. Yes, you have to do it, you need to do it, and you want to do it. But dig deeper. What does this business, this dream, truly mean to you? What’s the real sacrifice and grit worth?

When things get tough, and they will, if you don’t have dedication, you’ll struggle to push through. There have been countless times in my journey where I’ve felt like giving up. This business has been incredibly hard, the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But my dedication has always pulled me through. This isn’t just a job for me; it’s a mission. I have a passion for achieving, excelling, organizing, leading, and communicating. I’ve channeled all that passion into this business because I feel a deep need to do this. Beyond being a wife and a mom, teaching these systems to others is something I feel compelled to do so others don’t give up on their dreams.

Systems are a huge part of maintaining that dedication. They have supported me through tough times, helping me stay focused and motivated. I know you’ve felt those challenges too, and I want to encourage you to stay dedicated. Keep showing up, keep pushing forward, and remember why you started. Your dedication will see you through.

Successful Mompreneur Tip #3: Determination

The third thing you absolutely must have is determination. You must be so determined that you keep showing up, no matter how many odds are stacked against you. This is different from dedication. Dedication is about pushing through the small, everyday challenges, like when you didn’t get to your work block on time but still managed to send that crucial email or make that important post.

Determination, though, is a whole different level of grit. It’s about not letting anything stand in your way, not letting setbacks get you down for long. Think about getting a nasty podcast review. Sure, it stings because we’re human, but does it really matter? Absolutely not. Determination is knowing that no matter what happens—whether it’s having to completely rework your plans after new opportunities arise or dealing with unexpected team changes—you won’t be stopped. I’ve had to scrap entire plans and start over so many times, but my determination has kept me moving forward.

Determination means knowing your strength and testing it. You won’t understand your own capacity until it’s tested. For me, I test my determination by lifting heavy weights. It’s practical and a bit ridiculous, but it works. It doesn’t have to be CrossFit; it could be intense yoga or any activity that challenges you. I learned this at a young age, running a half marathon and pushing through when I thought I couldn’t go any further.

Determination is a mental game. You have to stay mentally strong and dig deeper than you ever thought possible. Every time you think you can’t do something, there’s another level of strength within you. Embrace the challenges and let them fuel your determination. Stay determined, keep pushing forward, and know that you are capable of so much more than you realize.

Push Your Determination, Discipline and Dedication Regularly

I’ve leaned in and pressed forward, and sometimes that means letting go of certain things. It’s about understanding the opportunity cost—we often need to give up something to gain in another area. But here, I’m talking about being so determined in your business that you see it through no matter what.

Beyond the practical tips, like knowing where my grit comes from by pushing myself physically, the number one way I stay determined is through my faith in God and my Mastermind group. These two pillars consistently bolster my determination, alongside my discipline and dedication. They help me stay focused and keep pushing forward, no matter the challenges.

DO NOT Do This

Now, let’s talk about the fourth “D,” which is the foundation and cornerstone of everything. Imagine the cornerstone of a building—the essential piece that holds everything together. This one thing you must avoid at all costs is disorganization.

Circle it, put big stars next to it, and let it sink in: disorganization will crush you faster than you can imagine. It doesn’t matter how determined, dedicated, and disciplined you are; if you’re disorganized, it will wreck you. It can destroy your business and wreak havoc on your life. Even if your business manages to survive, it won’t be for long if disorganization is at play. Stay organized, and you’ll set yourself up for success.

You Cannot Overcome Disorganization

You absolutely have to avoid being disorganized, and there are three critical areas where you need to focus on staying organized. These are the foundational pillars that will keep you on track:

Firstly, organize your time. If your time isn’t organized as a mompreneur, you’re fighting an uphill battle. Many of you may be feeling this right now.

Secondly, your physical space must be organized. If your desk is cluttered with papers and post-its, it affects how you work and how you feel physically and emotionally. Your physical space impacts not only your business but also your overall well-being.

Thirdly, organize your tasks and the actual work you need to do each day and week to build and sustain your business. Remember, the difference between a business and a hobby is income minus expenses. To generate leads and convert them into sales effectively, you must have a clear plan for your daily and weekly tasks.

Even if you’re just starting out and feeling uncertain, start with a plan and refine it as you go. Consistency and organization in these three areas will set you up for success and help you grow your business effectively.

Keep Showing Up And Clarity Will Come

Tasks that you thought were good practice until you realized they weren’t—I went through that with my floral business for years. We did what we knew best. My mom recently showed me this new way to make boutonnieres that would have saved us so much time when we were doing our event-based business. That’s OK. We overcame a lot. And so will you.

But you can’t overcome challenges like that if you’re disorganized. Please, find the resources you need—whether it’s here on this podcast with me as your coach, inside Systemize Your Life or Systemize to Scale, or with another coach. Don’t give up on your dream, on the work that defines you as a wife, a mother, and a vital thread in life’s tapestry. Without your contribution, it won’t hang right, it won’t look right, it won’t feel right. The world needs what you have to offer, and this 4D method will empower you to bring it forward.

Don’t Give Up On Your Dream!

Now it’s your turn! Take quick action, implement those changes, and make things happen after feeling inspired. Then come back and share your progress with me in the Systemize Your Life facebook community!

You can succeed as a mompreneur! Don’t let the energy fade. Start implementing those ideas right away and make meaningful changes. It’s all about harnessing that motivation and turning it into tangible results. If you’re ready to transform your inspiration into action, join me in Systemize Your Biz. Together, we’ll create systems that streamline your business and home life, making everything run smoother and more efficiently. Let’s turn that inspiration into real, lasting change!

If you’re looking for more help to take motivated action, check out The Entrepreneur’s Task Management Software, Get More Done In Less Time In Your Work Blocks and Grow Your Business Without Sacrificing Your Family.

mompreneur success

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 4D method for Mompreneur Success?

The 4D method refers to a framework emphasizing Discipline, Dedication, Determination, and the avoidance of Disorganization as crucial elements for running a successful business. Consider joining Systemize Your Biz and Systemize Your Life so you can avoid disorganization and make the most of your time, ensuring mompreneur success!

mompreneur success
mompreneur success

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