How to Deal With Mom Guilt – Tips to Become the Mom and Business Owner You Want to Be

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March 10, 2023

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Have you ever felt the feeling where you would do anything, just to be able to slip away to a little time alone. In order to focus and get a little bit of work done. However, the second that you do, slip away, and find that time you start to wonder if your kids need you. If they miss you. Quickly, you start questioning all of your life choices. This feeling is called mom guilt. As work from home moms, we are always trying to figure out how to deal with mom guilt.

Listen below for the entire episode on The Systemize Your Life Podcast

Powerful Tips to Deal With Mom Guilt with Kelly Roach

In order to help you figure out how to deal with mom guilt I have partnered with Kelly Roach, the host of The Kelly Roach Show to share this powerful message on how to approach mom guilt in a whole new way. Kelly Roach is an award-winning 8-figure entrepreneur, sought-after speaker, best-selling author, and top-rated podcast host seeking to transform the world of business and leadership education across the globe.

The Kelly Roach Show – A Must-Listen Podcast

I love listening to Kelly’s episodes on her podcast, The Kelly Roach Show, as they are short, no-fluff, high level episodes focused on helping you build a sustainable business. She leads with integrity, and her focus is to create a lasting legacy. Kelly Roach works to help overworked entrepreneurs become 7-figure CEOs and has interviewed incredible women, who are also moms, on her show. Her past guests include industry trailblazers and successful CEOs such as Ali Brown, Chalene Johnson, and Jay Abraham. 

These conversations are some of my favorites to listen to as they are so empowering and incredibly inspiring. Additionally, they share powerful stories from work from home moms who are completely changing the game when it comes to balancing work and motherhood. 

How to Deal With Mom Guilt

Kelly Roach shares that the question she gets asked the most often, from so many different people, all in different ways is, “how do I deal with mom guilt?”  Furthermore, how do I deal with the business and the need to focus on running my business and my companies, all while having an eight-year old daughter. Now, Kelly’s answer to this question is one that she truly hopes can give you a powerful way to deal with mom guilt. In her answer, her intention is for you to gain significant food for thought. 

What Role Do You Believe You Are Meant to Play in Your Child’s Life

Kelly’s response in regards how to deal with mom guilt? She says, “What role do you believe you are meant to play in your child’s life? This is such an incredible question to ask. Not just parent, nor mom and dad, but what role do you believe you are meant to play.” Kelly continues, “For myself, personally, I believe that my daughter is destined for greatness. Therefore, I believe as her mother, one of my primary functions in life is to allow my daughter to see and believe that anything is possible. I see one of my most important roles in my life, is for her to see me every single day, wake up and chase her dreams, believing I am capable of achieving them. 

The Impact of This Mind-Shift in Dealing with Mom Guilt

Kelly continues, “The impact this has had on my daughter is incredible. My daughter is eight-years old and her friends’ parents and school teachers share with us that she is a leader who always sets the example. They share that she speaks articulately. Furthermore, she has a very strong sense of self, and confidence, and self-worth. All at the age of 8.” 

“Recently, my daughter came home from school as I was on a call. She so patiently waited by my side as I finished the call, and once I finished,” Kelly shares, “She told me that she got the 3rd grade solo in her class musical. This was something that she did entirely on her own. We didn’t ask her to do this or push her to do. She simply went out there on her own, sought after the solo, and got it.” 

The Benefits of Thinking This Way and Letting Go of Mom Guilt

Kelly expands even further on this incredibly powerful topic of dealing with mom guilt as a working mom. She shares, “Do I feel mom guilt about my daughter seeing me work hard, be focused, and commit to my dreams every single day? Heck no! Because I am already seeing this translate to her mindset, her attitude, and her behaviors in life.” Now, I play a lot of different roles in my daughters’ life. It is also my role to help manage and teach her about faith and God and introducing her to prayer.” 

“Do I feel mom guilt about my daughter seeing me work hard, be focused, and commit to my dreams every single day? Heck no! Because I am already seeing this translate to her mindset, her attitude, and her behaviors in life!” – Kelly Roach

Kelly continues, “However, I know that a huge part of my role in her life is to set the bar extremely high for what she thinks is possible and available to her. And then to demonstrate how to live above the line every single day, so that way when she begins to have those goals and dreams for her life, she can understand the behavior that is required to make them possible.” 

Encouragement for Those Who Wrestle With Mom Guilt

Kelly takes this conversation a step further, “There are so many parents that wrestle with and have an internal turmoil of how to be a great parent, but also keep up with the demands of being an entrepreneur and business owner. It is an extraordinary balance. It is so difficult to both be the best business leader you can be and be an all-in parent at the same time. This is something I have to work very hard at consistently. I have to focus on taking times to truly shut things down and not work on the business.” 

For her, Kelly shares helpful strategies that she uses to help her maintain an intentional presence when spending time with her family. “Often times,” she shares, “I leave my phone at home when I do something important and meaningful with my family because I know that I will be distracted. It is so important to know what those triggers are for yourself and to self-manage in order to allow yourself to know what is the most important thing in that moment. And allow yourself to be in that space, intentionally present to that.” 

Deal With Mom Guilt by Focusing on the Role You Play

Finally, Kelly reveals the importance of truly thinking differently about the role you play in your child’s life above just being their parent. Above teaching them right and wrong and showing them how to get through their homework, or social issues at school. She shares, “It is so important to take a look at your business and your leadership in your business as a full education within itself. Look for the ways you can get your children involved. What are ways that you can get them up close and personal to see what you do?” 

“Not so that your children can grow to be just like you.” She shares, “Instead, so that she can believe that she is capable, that she is worthy, and that anything is possible if she shows up for herself. Therefore, let us all turn off that mom guilt, turn off that parent guilt and really look at the role we play in our children’s life.

Creating a Lasting Impact for the Next Generation

The last nugget of wisdom Kelly shares in this incredibly powerful conversation on how to deal with mom guilt resonated with me so much. “In order for us all to be able to truly impact the next generation,” she says. “We must keep setting the bar high, by showing them what it looks like to live above the line and take total ownership over our lives. To take total ownership over our results and our behavior.”

“Finally, let’s swing some doors open and roll out some red carpets and help this next generation be ready to stand on the shoulders of giants. In order to go out into the world and do incredible things that are going to make a massive difference in this amazing world that we live in.” 

“Remember, that you being you, a happy, fulfilled and successful human being is the greatest gift you can give this world. We need more people who are happy, fulfilled and living their dreams, and that is exactly what is going to inspire your children to greatness.”

Finding Balance in Both Work and Motherhood

Now that is one incredible dose of encouragement and empowerment for all of us working moms out there. I love how she talks about the depth of mom guilt. And more than that, I truly love all the wisdom she shares in her messages. I feel incredibly capable and empowered after listening to Kelly Roach.

The truth is, being a mom is tough. It can be so easy to feel as if we are not doing enough. That we aren’t living up to our own expectations in some way. Which is why I am so thrilled to partner with Kelly and The Kelly Roach Show for this post.

Encouragement and Empowerment for Working Moms

Be sure to subscribe to her podcast, to binge her content alongside me on a regular basis. Kelly is a multi-millionaire dollar business owner that has built her dream by helping her clients achieve financial freedom. And she is able to do that all while juggling motherhood. No matter what her clients are juggling, she cares tremendously about leading others to success. 

As I always say, it’s not about one or the other. It’s not about being a fancy pants business woman OR feeling like you have to completely close the door to a side of yourself in order to be the most amazing mom, keeper of the house, and wife you have ever been. Instead, it is about BOTH. Making sure that both home and business can happen. 

The Importance of Involving Our Kids in Business

One more thing, I love how much Kelly explores involving kids in her own businesses. Not because we need them to be exactly like us, but instead so they can see us as fully dedicated, fully functioning and striving in our lives. In order for our kids to see us living out our dreams every single day in order for them to see that and believe they can do the same thing.

How beautiful and unbelievably powerful is it to know that it’s not about guiding them to the life that we think they should have. Rather, actually live out the life we think WE should have. That we feel guided to and led to live. And then, THAT is how they learn to go out and do the things they want to do in their life. This is such an incredible and powerful way to think and to address mom guilt, in order to keep chasing after our dreams. 

Bonus Content For You – The Ultimate Catalyst for 1% Living

Be sure to subscribe to The Kelly Roach Show as I know this is a show you would love to listen to every single week. She really is going to help you build that one percent lifestyle of health and wealth that I know you are striving for. Head over to The Kelly Roach Show to gain incredible insight and listen to powerful interviews with industry leaders and CEOs. In addition, there is an incredible bonus just for you.

Be sure to check out “The Ultimate Catalyst for 1% Living”  and gain access to a private episode just FOR YOU! Within this special, bonus episode, Kelly shares powerful ways to soar to the top of your career, cultivate powerful relationships, optimize your health and wellness and more! The absolute encouragement you need to live the life you are after!

Even More Encouragement for Moms Dealing With Mom Guilt

Friend, take all of these nuggets of wisdom and feel empowered as you live your life, balancing work and home, all while removing the mom guilt! It is possible and you are absolutely capable. I would love to hear your thoughts on this incredible conversation. Come join us in the Systemize Your Life Facebook community to go even deeper on this incredible and insightful conversation surrounding mom guilt! 

And if this message resonated with you, be sure to check out a few other powerful words of encouragement for those struggling with how to overcome mom guilt as working mom. Including, my favorite systems for beating mom guilt. My secrets to setting boundaries with your kids to help remove mom guilt. And, 7 ways to overcome mom guilt as a working mom!

how to deal with mom guilt

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